The Five Solas

The Protestant Reformation produced a theology that was basically a reassertion of the centrality of God, the glory of His sovereignty, and the primacy of His grace in the salvation of humanity through Jesus Christ. At Light By The Bay Church, we subscribe to the famous “Solas” (meaning alone or only) of the Reformation:
Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone): The inerrant Scripture is the sole source of written Divine revelation. Scripture alone is our rule of faith and practice and the means by which we know God.
Solus Christus (through Christ alone): Our salvation is accomplished by the mediatorial work of the historical Christ alone. Neither church membership, nor baptism, nor ordinances, nor any work we perform in any way contribute to our justification.
Sola Gratia (by grace alone): In salvation we are rescued from God’s wrath by His grace alone. Salvation is of His unmerited love and not man’s works. From first to last it is God’s work—undeserved, unmerited by us.
Sola Fide (by faith alone): We receive the benefits of Christ’s work through faith alone. We take God at His word and believe and trust in what Christ did for us on our behalf. We agree, therefore, with the Reformers that we are justified on account of Christ’s work alone, imputed to us through faith alone. Further, God does not justify us because we believe and do good works, though good works will certainly follow justification.
Soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone): Because salvation is of God and has been accomplished by God, it is for God’s glory. Therefore, our salvation is for God’s glory alone. We deserve no credit for our salvation and we want all worth to be ascribed to God alone.